Live Art

  • eFlow
  • Cling
  • Tear
  • Good Bones
  • Tides & Core
  • Imprint
  • Fan dance
  • Guzzle

"I am genetically modified. Live streaming. Plastic DNA. Downloadable. Distorted. Corrupted. Solid. Like a boulder. Everything. Ever guessing. Contemplating."

- burning ripeness.
- Seething fingers.
- numb.
- plump.
- pump.
- shoot
- gaze

Forced Into Femininity, Lorene Boboushian, + more (group show), August 2016 Arts + Literature Laboratory, Madison, WI
Photo eFlow

Where do things go when we toss them away? Have people become distracted by their needless desire to identify with their potentially out of control and careless collections? Are we the invasive species? How can we become a new extension of our surroundings and witness that connection.

"BEAT - EAT THE SKY" May 2013 Tallinn Art Hall, Estonia
Photo Clign in Tallin

Underneath the performer is wearing pink crepe paper mashed to the skin, almost like a viscera or our inner makings. This process reflects a dream which I had where I was torn to bits, which is also a dream that some shamans have as an initiation into shamanhood. It represents casting off a current form and taking on a new. Also, I find tearing paper to be cathartic and stress-releasing. Meawhile, a naked man navigates a plastic tunnel that in the end, emcompasses me.

"ANONYMOUS BOH exhibition" with Lys-Ange LeBlanc and live music by Mathieu Sylvestre May 2013 Endla Theatre, Pärnu, Estonia
Photo of Tear in Parnu

Beginning with a distribution of items to the audience including plastic bones to represent loss, foil wrapped chocolates to represent desire on an ornate tray with barbaric (spiked and clumsy) gloves.

A handful of dust is dropped. Memories. Then a handful of glitter from the opposite hand. Aspirations.

Then to perform promise: hope, ritual, gritty, minimalistic dance, at times white petals fall out. A performer striving to be "good" but when so much is awry.

"Performance Anxiety" March 2013 Culture Fix, NYC, NY
Photo of bones performance

- Depths.
- Connecting to the inner landscape and how it manifests itself in our surroundings.

Sitting with back turned to audience
Licorice whips in mouth
Legs criss crossed and continually turning



"CORE" Solo Exhibition, live music: Jon Silpayamanant Nov. 2012 Commonwealth Gallery, Madison, WI
Photo of bones performance

“Strange is the madness of those into whom demon foxes enter. Sometimes they run naked shouting through the streets. Sometimes they lie down and froth at the mouth, and yelp as a fox yelps...” - Lafcadio Hearn

"Dark Dances" Sept. 2009 The Project Lodge Madison, WI

Photos 1-3: Mick McKiernan
Photo 4: Colm McCarthy

Through combining classic style Burlesque fan dancing with video art, the timeless and innovative have an aesthetic transformation proving that one can be techno savvy and glamorous with one kick of the heel and a quick flip of a switch. My educational background ties an understanding of movement to refreshing technologies - kinesthetics with electronics.

Photo Fan Dance Performance

One day I took a look around, and every single person in my direct vicinity was consuming something. Can we exist without excess? Consumption seemed to have no visible end.

"Raw" Sept. 2008 The Project Lodge Madison, WI Materials: Blueberry pie filling


  • Dark Dances
  • Raw
  • Hive

Mingle with the void.
Transform your limitations.
Explore the lost elements of the instinctual self.

Dark Dances: An evening of short, live performances

Residual Darkness: A post-performance show of ephemera and works inspired by Dark Dances

Curators: Marina Kelly, Christine Olson, Angela Richardson

Participating Artists: Nicole LeGette, Joseph Ravens, Marina Kelly, Christine Olson, Angela Richardson, Kerry Parker, db pedersen, Colm McCarthy, Mick McKiernan, Briony Morrow-Cribbs, Miriam Hall, Dale Kaminski

Sept. 23, 2010 & Sept. 27-29
The Project Lodge Madison, WI
Photo of Residual Darkness Reception

"I heard that they were having a performance art night and just had to come!"

One night of live performance art

Participating Artists: Marina Kelly, Christine Olson, Nicole Gruter, Angela Richardson

Sept. 11, 2008 The Project Lodge Madison, WI
Photo of Raw audience

"The entire show seemed like an exploration into a different world or time period through the idiosyncratic, sexually charged, playful, yet drone like imagery, performance, and environments reminiscent of 'Brave New World.'"

Video installations in a 1970's office space

Participating Artists: Christine Olson, Gray Miller, Kalpana Prakash

Feb. 2004 Madison, WI
Photo of Hive audience

Public Art

  • Park It
  • Hot Shanty
  • Blink

Filmed at a local sledding hill, this video was installed in one of 7 parking spaces at Park It! There was also picnicking with delectable green tea/strawberry cupcakes.

Silk screened invitations were also produced that encouraged folks to invite a friend to a picnic at a local park.

"Park It!" Sept. 2010 1900 Atwood Block Madison, WI Materials: Lavendar silk fabric, mulch, astroturf & wood
Filmed by: Daniel Feiler

With the "Hot Shanty" I hoped to add some artistic vibrancy to a tundra-like landscape in downtown Madison, WI while highlighting the ice fishing subculture. This project was funded by the City of Madison's Blink Temporary Public Art Grant.

Winter 2008 Madison, WI and "Art Shanty" Feb. 2009 Plymouth, MN
Photo of Hot Shanty

"Blink" brings to focus the monoculture that is swallowing the sense of a geographically based culture. I would like to encourage curiosity in discovering new places.

"Art Shanty" Feb. 2006 Plymouth, MN Materials: Ice, TV, VCR
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